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The Product

Choosing your product is the first step. If you have something specific already in mind, we can often find what you're looking for and fit it into your price point. If you're not quite sure (brand, quality, etc.), we're here to help. We have relationships with so many major suppliers, so finding what will eventually work for you will be a breeze. You can even supply your own product. However, customer supplied products usually have slightly higher decoration pricing.

DecoratioN Type

Each decorating technique has its own specific price guide. Because there are many unique variables to each order, one of our decorating experts will need to finalize specific pricing. It's important to pair the correct decorating technique with each individual product to get the best value for you.

The Quantity

The total number of pieces with the same design is how we'll calculate the final pricing. Keep in mind that by "same design", we mean the design/logo is the same size and color. The more pieces to the order, the better quantity discounts we all get. We always pass the savings along to you!

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